Mitigates danger 
with grace.

One of our four core technologies, EyeSight is our advanced driver-assist technology that gives you an extra set of eyes on the road.


Knows when to react.

EyeSight is more than a watchful eye. It assists in keeping you out of harm’s way. It looks ahead, measures distance from objects and alerts you at the first sign of danger, in certain conditions, it even applies braking force to mitigate collision.


A watchful pair of digital eyes

Now you can see more than what’s in front of you. Two color front-facing optical cameras give you a complete view of your surroundings by constantly scanning for hidden dangers. It sees what you might not, and remains extra cautious so you can be at ease.

Eyesight is not available on selected models.

Truly street smart.

Attentive even you’re not, EyeSight is your intelligent copilot. How well does EyeSight perform on chaotic city roads? Excellently. Eyesight has earned some the highest safety ratings from some of the top safety institutes in the world.

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