starts with safety.

The belief that “safety comes first” is hardwired into our DNA. That’s why we take tremendous pride in our safety engineering. We can’t predict the future, but we can be better prepared for every possible outcome.


Safety first, second, and last.

We think about safety from the very first stages of the car’s design in both form and operation. Whether it’s minimizing blind spots, redesigning the seats to reduce fatigue on long hauls, or creating an intuitive interface so you can pick your favorite tunes, we prioritize the driver’s safety.


Safety as a key performance measure.

Safety isn’t just a set of features. It goes into every decision we make. It’s how we design our drivetrain, why we choose anti-lock brakes, and offer Active Torque Vectoring and Vehicle Dynamics Control. And lastly, with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive to keep you in total control, we believe performance goes hand in hand with safety.


Keeping you out of trouble.

EyeSight is our Stereo Camera Driver-Assist Technology that acts as your intelligent copilot. Constantly scanning in 3D, it recognizes pedestrians and cyclists, determines their distance, and alerts you to the first sign of danger, all to help reduce the chance of a collision.


What solid protection looks like.

We’ve thought of everything you need and everything you didn’t realize you need. With our cutting-edge Subaru Global Platform, Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame, and “submarining” Boxer Engine that drops below the cabin in accidents, we keep you better prepared and protected for the worst-case scenario. Our commitment to your safety has earned us theĀ highest possible crash protection ratings

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