Brilliant to 
the core.

One of the four core technologies, our cutting-edge Subaru Global Platform takes comfort, safety, and performance to the next level of amazing.


Your safety is always top of mind.

The rigid framework of the Subaru Global Platform changes how our cars drive, handle, and feel. But the best part is that it keeps you and your passengers safer than ever. Our cutting-edge platform improves collision energy absorption up to 40%. That’s the impact of a strong foundation.


Your sanctuary on wheels.

Ride in first-class comfort. The Subaru Global Platform absorbs more shock and vibration and also provides 50% less vibration due to rear stabilizers directly mounted on chassis. This gives you a quieter, supremely stable ride when you’re on the road–and when there isn’t one. Let nothing disturb your peace.


Instant steering response.

Have it all. Better crash protection, upgraded comfort, and a tighter ride. By lowering the center of gravity by 5mm and cutting down the steering to response time, you’ll get ultra-responsive handling with every steering movement you make.

Subaru Global Platform is not yet available on all models.

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Equipped for Just in Case

Sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, you can count on the Subaru Global Platform to keep you better protected. It’s constructed to be a shock absorbing cushion in the event of a collision.

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