Nothing else is built like a subaru.

Precision-tuned performance for the rigorous stages of rally racing. Proven safety engineering and dependability for the different stages of life.

Made up of four main components, our core technology works together to give you outstanding control, driveabilty, and performance you can count on.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Boxer Engine

Not all AWD systems were created equal. Our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive provides unparalleled traction to keep you in total control. It sends power to all four wheels to give you a road-hugging ride in even the harshest condition.

Balance has always been our strong suit. With its flat, horizontally-opposed layout, the Boxer Engine lowers the center of gravity to provide incredible stability and handling while maximizing the transfer of power.

EyeSight Driver-Assist Technology

Subaru Global Platform

EyeSight monitors the world around you and alerts you to unanticipated dangers. With lane sway warning, pre-collision braking, and adaptive cruise control, it stays on the constant lookout to help prevent accidents.

The cutting-edge Subaru Global Platform advances overall safety and performance with a new body and chassis design. The higher rigidity of the frame absorbs more impact while the elevated height improves your comfort and visibility.

Safety technology at its sexiest.

Your safety is at the core of every design decision we makeā€“from the inside out. Our dedication to delivering peace of mind has earned us best-in-class safety ratings all around the world.

STI. Need we say more?

Three letters synonymous with world-renowned performance motorsports, STI embodies the winning spirit of our rally racing heritage. We value precision, champion innovation, and continue to push the envelope in engineering.

Discover how Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive provides the ultimate in traction and control.

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